Adult classes meet during the worship service both hours. Check the weekly bulletin for the current meeting room.

9am Classes

Bible Explorers (9:00) --

This discussion-oriented class is proceeding slowly through the books of I and II Samuel, gaining perspective from a wide variety of other scriptures along the way. Class begins with a time of prayer and sharing.

Taught by Stewart Peebles

Home Improvement (9:00) --

Aimed at growing in Christ and in love for one another through fellowship and teaching in an informal environment. Various topics or books of the Bible are studied. Format includes table discussion. Jaime Burnett does the introduction and wrap up and sets up questions for class discussion. There are also regular visits from Valley missionaries. Members of this large group are generally ages 40s - 60s. The class is currently following the Complete in Christ sermon series.

Taught by Jaime Burnett.

10:45am Classes

Luke (10:45) --

This class meets in the Student Center for fellowship and study the account of the life of Christ as recorded for us by Luke. This wonderful account of our Lord will help us gain a deeper understanding of the life, the works, and the teachings of Christ. This is a 9-month study (September through June 2011) and our hope and prayer is that it will lead us to a closer walk with Jesus and give us clearer insight into His will for each of us. We warmly welcome married couples and singles - young and old - anyone with a desire to learn more about Jesus, and to follow Him more closely.

Taught by Leong Tan.

Truth Seekers (10:45) --

Currently studying the Gospel of Matthew. Each class includs prayer and Bible study. We enjoy fellowship and snacks together in class and have lunch together every six weeks or so after class. Visiting missionaries are always welcome and the class enjoys fellowship with them. We graciously welcome new people. Members are mostly ages 60s and up.

Taught by Russ Dilley and Franklyn Wecks.

Life Application (10:45) --

This on-going class of mature adults combines a missionary focus with fellowship and application of scriptures to life, currently studying the words of Jesus in the Gospels. Format: pre-class food and fellowship, announcements, inspirational or missionary message, prayer and praise, sermon review, Bible study.

Taught by Lyman Taylor.

The Books of Samuel (10:45) --

This class of ages 30s - 80s is currently studying the books of Samuel. The format is sharing, prayer, snacks, and a lesson/lecture format with questions to involve the class.

Taught by Jack Crawford.

Harmony of the Gospels (10:45) --

The class begins with a time of sharing and prayer, then studies the Gospels in parallel.

Taught by Steve Noble

Women of the Word (10:45) --

This class is open to women of any age and marital status. The class is currently following the Complete in Christ sermon series.

Facilitated by Marion Noble.

Small Group Korean Bible Study (10:45) --

Members are ages 30s and 40s and over 60, with all ages welcome. The language used in class is Korean. The group also meets every other Friday for prayer.

Led by John Kim and Bessie Ro